Today: Montis keeps innovating

Montis keeps innovating with design that meets the needs of modern life—without making concessions in terms of comfort. In this process, the boundaries of artisanal traditions are pushed, and new techniques developed. By combining the ideas of renowned designers with those of up-and-coming creatives, we remain full of surprises—also in terms of sustainability and use of materials. That’s how today’s icons become tomorrow’s classics. That is our aim.

2000: Montis attracts external designers

As of 2000 Montis has been working closely together with designers who, just like them, want to enjoy the luxury of great design. Embrace the comfort with: Niels Bendtsen, Gijs Papavoine, Gert Batenburg Dick Spierenburg, Studio Job, Demakersvan, Simon Pengelly, Bertjan Pot en Arian Brekveld.
Simon Pengelly: “Clean design is complex in its execution. The skilful craftsmen at Montis allow us to flourish as designers.”



1996: Montis sets up its own foam shaping facilities

In order to achieve this, Montis invests in new technology: moulding foam with polyutherane foam, creating the furniture’s entire body out of foam. Separate sections no longer need to be glued together, creating tremendous freedom of design, with room for innovative design and more refined seating comfort.

1990: Paul van den Berg takes over management

After both his brothers leave, Paul brings his own vision to life. It is his goal to design and craft furniture of distinct design and great comfort.

1988: Montis relocates to 'the black building'

Due to its increasing success, Montis almost literally grows out of its jacket. There is a pressing need for a larger office that can also function as a showroom. Artist Hanshan Roebers designs a striking building that is covered in black tiles. It quickly becomes known as ‘the black building.’ Its architectonic use of light is inspired by sundials: the changing natural light creates reflections, and forms a natural demarcation of the building’s spaces.

Early 80s: Montis becomes a global player

Following the success in the Netherlands and Germany, Montis is now also discovered in the United States, the Middle East and the Far East.

1983: Montis introduces the 'jacket technique'

Their big breakthrough follows in the form of an upholstery technique that entails slipping a ‘jacket’ around an armchair. Leather covers zipping around metal frames: a technique that Montis brings to the market with the launch of the Chaplin. This chair grows out to be a classic.

1975: Montis moves to Dongen

The gentlemen move to the ‘Langstraat’ in Dongen, the Netherlands. Here, they find themselves amid renowned tanneries. Surrounded by craftsmanship, they are now one step closer to their first innovation.

1974: Montis is established

The Van Den Berg brothers enter the market with a clear mission: designing modern furniture with superior seating comfort. They start out with just two employees: a leather cutter and an upholsterer. They name the company after their family. Montis is the Latin genitive for ‘monte’, meaning ‘of the mountain.’