Back Me Up Salon

With the BACK ME UP Salon, Arian Brekveld puts a contemporary spin on the voluminous club chair.

The BACK ME UP Salon is a club chair variant of the BACK ME UP Lounge, designed by Arian Brekveld. The club chair stands out with its airy appearance, thanks to the elegant design of the armrests. Compared to the BACK ME UP Lounge, the BACK ME UP Salon is slightly narrower, and the armrests have a shorter forward extension.

Arian Brekveld

Arian Brekveld (Apeldoorn 1968) graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 1995. After working for two years at Ontwerpwerk in The Hague,he has been an independent designer since 1998, working from his studio in Rotterdam.Without shaping his designs excessively, Brekveld designs are characterized by bright, clear lines.