Impression IMM Cologne 2019

IMM 2019

During IMM 2019 we presented a new armchair from our new top A1 location: GEORGE . George is a grand easy chair without being bulky.

The first impression is the oversized curved back hovering like a radar antenna over the seat. This back support is flexible at each end for additional support.
Due to the horseshoe shape, the seat has perfect support for the lower back and arms at every seating angle. The volume of the seat is minimized so that the whole chair appears to hover. Deliberate folds in the interior cover make it ideal to upholster using a luxurious pure aniline leather.


In three different inspiration settings, these architectural modules were presented to the visitors.

All blocks offer the same amount of comfort, all the way around. For example, you can build a lounge or TV corner at the front, and a place to read, dine or work at the back. The architectural modules of the Domino.18 are the building blocks for any and all occasions. Arrange (and rearrange) them in whatever way you like. Play with three different heights and create your own skyline. The supple upholstery adds some royal flair to this understated design, an effect that can be accentuated by your choice of fabric.

Back me Up armchair

For timeless moments

Pull up a chair and and let yourself be embraced by luxury. The comfort of the BACK ME UP Armchair invites intimate dinners and lively discussions. Its friendly design with floating armrests offers you enough space to settle down comfortably in the corner of the seat.
Snug, yet with the same visual lightness as the Chair. Unite the armchair with its family members at one table for a unique composition.


Download here the IMM 2019 press kit