NEW • Luna

German precision with a Dutch twist

The Formstelle design duo favour an analytical, methodical approach that could be called German. The result? A light dining room chair that brings together nonchalance, comfort and precision.

Design duo Formstelle always work out a strong concept before anything else, whether they are experimenting with form or technical detail. ‘Without a strong foundation and fully developed idea – no furniture design.’ The basic principle behind the Luna was a ‘dressed up’ dining room chair. Through countless form studies, they moved away from run-of-the-mill upholstered chair design. This lead to a bespoke piece, inspired by the world of haute couture. The reversible detail of the armrest envelops the Luna like a perfectly fitted garment. Sophisticated stitching and pleating accentuate its inviting volume. Its material properties and ergonomics create a dining room chair that brings together comfort, precision and nonchalance: custom German design, with a Dutch twist. A wide range of upholstery and undercarriage options (wood/metal, rotating/non-rotating) makes the design suitable for a variety of spaces and style preferences. The Luna is light, elegant, and captivating, like a full moon against a clear night sky.