Meer dan een meubel

Meer dan een meubel

Craftsmanship, love of comfort and materials have been the guiding principles for Montis furniture pieces since 1974, which are grounded in sustainability.

Sustainability may sound a bit like a buzzword these days. But for us, it is a principle we’ve been building on for decades. Sustainability means much more than recycling and placing new value on existing materials.

We’ve been developing furniture that we can easily re-upholster for you since the 1980s.  We’ve also designed a range of models that allow you to easily change the covers yourself, either because they are in need of replacement after years of heavy use, or because you are ready for something new.

Perfecting modular pieces is also part of our commitment to sustainability. A modular sofa can be adapted to your needs. Are you moving into a larger space, or is your project, practice or waiting room getting bigger? You can easily add new elements. Do you need something smaller? Simply remove a few modules. That way, you can always tailor your setup to your needs and location. Your sofa grows with you.

For quite some time, manufacturing in a high-wage country like the Netherlands was regarded as being old-fashioned . We’ve never seen it that way. In the meantime, the increasing climate pressure and urgency to minimise our ecological footprint have made the case for local production. This leads to better and more sustainable products. Long-distance transport is also increasingly ill-suited to what the earth will ask of us in the future. Sustainable choices benefit both our customers and our planet.

When we work together for sustainability, it leads to promising new collaborations. To inspiring innovations that are beneficial for both materials and people.

That’s why we’re bringing our ambitions and initiatives for sustainability into Montis’ Sustainability Statement . This is our compass for the future;, a firm incentive for sustainability as we move towards the year 2030.

By then, we hope to be fully sustainable across our entire chain.