Industrial elegance

We all have to start somewhere. Montis was established in 1974. If you look closely at our dotted logo, you’ll recognise the open-minded spirit of the seventies, when the Dutch cautiously let go of old-fashioned civility and started dreaming of bolder, contemporary shapes. At Montis, we are firm believers of ‘Question everything, but keep the good.’ Innovative techniques and new materials help us to keep moving forward. Quality, craftsmanship, functionality, and the ideal balance between comfort and aesthetics are not just empty words at Montis; they are the compass to the future in our on-going pursuit of industrial elegance. Our style is sophisticated, stylish, a little playful, modest, and always has its own distinct voice, as self-evident and familiar as the dots in our logo.

Made in Dongen

The warm and friendly atmosphere that we highly value at Montis stems from our Brabant roots. But at the same time, our typically Dutch pragmatism ensures that our feet are always firmly on the ground. Our staff’s craftsmanship and eye for detail guarantee a collection that’s always in keeping with the times. We put our trust in what we know to be good and that which has proven itself, yet never lose sight of the changes in society. Innovative techniques and materials are our close friends in our on-going pursuit of industrial elegance, sustainability and striking, top-notch designs.

Unique & personal

Every step we take at Montis can be traced back to one driving principle: we are committed to creating furniture that makes you happy – whether you’re using it or looking at it. Our designs become long-term friends; not for a little while, but for many years to come. Like a partner you can rely on. We translate varying residential needs into comfortable, high-quality products. They bear the unique signature of our designers, yet at the same time, they are seamlessly tailored to your personal lifestyle. At Montis, we stand for delivering on that promise with exceptional precision, dedication and tenacity – day in, day out.

Mensen maken Montis

We work with and for enthusiastic people who have a positive attitude towards life, in the Netherlands and abroad. Our pieces are sold all over the world, in more than 40 countries. The professionals in our cold cure flexible foam moulding facility and our sewing, gluing and upholstery workshops all work together to create the perfect end product. Their craftsmanship and commitment to the brand is of the highest order. It’s not for nothing that many colleagues celebrate their 25th or 40th anniversary at Montis. We source most of our materials locally, in the Netherlands or nearby. We pay close attention to feedback from our team, our partners, our customers and the market demand. Because at Montis, we like to stay right in the middle of things.

Powerful design

In the eighties, during the first years after our inception, Gerard van den Berg was the defining designer at Montis. Timeless evergreens such as the Chaplin and the Charly are still favourites in our collection today. After Gerard’s departure in 1990, Gijs Papavoine left his mark as head designer until 2013. From then on, we started collaborating with renowned Dutch talents such as Gert Batenburg, Dick Spierenburg, Arian Brekveld and Geert Koster. Well-known international players such as Niels Bendtsen, Simon Pengelly and Christophe Marchand also contributed. Our designers understand what Montis is all about. They safeguard the subtle balance between maximum ambience and optimal comfort.

Down to the last detail

We are committed to hospitality. Our furniture embraces you when you sit down. Reliability, comfort and quality are our number one priorities. You can count on us one hundred per cent – anytime, anywhere. And yes: we’re sticklers for detail, whether it’s flawless stitching, the perfectly shaped seat or dreamlike fabric quality – sometimes to the point of being nit-picky. And that goes for more than just our designs. We are consistent and flexible, transparent and frank. We keep our promises. Whether it’s delivery times, service, information or advice: we take care of it. Down to the last detail.