People make Montis

life, in the Netherlands and abroad. Our pieces are sold all over the world, in more than 40 countries. The professionals in our cold cure flexible foam moulding facility and our sewing, gluing and upholstery workshops all work together to create the perfect end product. Their craftsmanship and commitment to the brand is of the highest order. It’s not for nothing that many colleagues celebrate their 25th or 40th anniversary at Montis. We source most of our materials locally, in the Netherlands or nearby. We pay close attention to feedback from our team, our partners, our customers and the market demand. Because at Montis, we like to stay right in the middle of things.

The Montis method

Montis designs are not limited by straight lines or angles. Our playful shapes draw their flexibility from our shape-foaming process. Our foam moulding facility is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands. During the production process, a curved steel framework is encased in polyurethane foam. This method minimises residual waste, guarantees comfort and longevity, and offers great creative freedom. At Montis, there isn’t a harsh line in sight – our designs are shapely, industrial and elegant.