Is it a dining room chair, a project or conference chair? With his flexible character, Yves is it all. Gerard van den Berg devised a slender steel construction as the basis for a unique chair with many faces.

Designer Gerard van den Berg once again employs his craftsmanship with a brand new Montis design. The starting point is a slender, steel frame with an upholstered seat and back. The sleek construction forms the basic component for a chair with many faces.

Gerard van den Berg

His career as a chair designer began in his father's business. As co-founder of Montis, he was associated with our company for many years as joint managing director and permanent designer. He resigned from these positions in 1990 and has since set up on his own. One of the most important prizes he has received is the Kho Liang Ie first prize for his total work. His work is characterized by its simple yet versatile design.