Frequently asked questions


1. What is the best way to maintain my fabric or leather furniture?
For a good maintenance advice, it is important to know in which fabric or leather type your furniture is upholstered. This information can be found on your purchase receipt or can be obtained from your dealer. Next we would like to advise you to contact LCK Nederland ( They specialize in furniture maintenance and can give you a sound advice.

2. The caps of my furniture need to be replaced. How can I order it?
When the caps or felt pads of your furniture are worn, you can order them from one of our dealers. You can find our dealers on our website.

3. Is it possible to replace the upholstery of my furniture?
For many of our models it is possible to obtain a new cover. In some cases you can upholster it yourself and in other cases it is advisable to have this done by a professional upholsterer. We would like to advise you to contact one of our dealers.

4.) How long is the warranty period on my Montis furniture?
With the exception of upholstery fabrics, Montis guarantees that the products sold are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 months after the invoice date. For mechanical systems, this is a period of 24 months after the invoice date.

5.) In case of defects accountable to Montis with regard to upholstery, the following applies;

  • fully, within 1 year after the invoice date
  • for 2/3 part, within 2 years after the invoice date
  • for 1/3 part, within 3 years after the invoice date