Montis at Milan Design Week

In collaboration with Solidified and leading designers, Montis showcased 3 designs at a stunning location surrounded by lush greenery. The newest addition, Yves S, the modular success Domino.18, and the functional side table Tor, were proudly presented in this impressive setting.

Gerard van den Berg has created a new, stylish design for Montis with Yves, which also offers unparalleled seating comfort. There are 3 variants of Yves available: one fully upholstered with or without armrests, and one stackable with a partly open back, making Yves S ideal for conferences, public spaces, and projects.

Under the direction of Dick Spierenburg, Montis has expanded the Domino.18 collection with a chaise longue, available in two sizes. This playful element can be connected to the Domino.18 or placed freely in a space. Additionally, a new round pouf in three sizes and two heights has been added. With three different seat heights, the Domino.18 is now suitable for various situations, including at a dining table. Experiment with different modules and create the ideal seating arrangement.

The Tor side table is designed with the idea that a side table should be easily movable. The unique handle, formed by the bend in the legs, makes it easy to lift the Tor and gives the table a characteristic appearance.

Here’s an impression of our models during Milan Design Week.